Rules of Conduct!

UPsalon - Rules of Conduct

  1. Please log in with your name plus the pronoun you want to be referred to. F.e.: Alex (she/her). Please make sure you are using the right pronoun when you refer to someone else.

  2. Everybody is welcome to attend the whole or only parts of the event. Especially, if you join later, please make sure your microphone is turned off. Please turn it on only when you are speaking (Press Spacebar).

  3. We appreciate contribution from everyone -- regardless of their educational stage and background -- and want to make sure that we discuss on an equal footing. To make this possible, we ask you to avoid interruptions and speak only when the person moderating is calling your name. The chair person will make sure that everyone gets to have their say and that the speaking time is distributed fairly.

  4. Q&A: Please use the integrated chat function to virtually raise your hand or finger. “H” stands for “hand” and is signalling that you want to raise a new question. “F” stands for “finger” and the sign for a follow-up-question.

  5. Please note that the event is subdivided into different sections with different activities. If we believe that your point fits better to another section, we might ask you to raise your point at another time.

  6. We want everyone to be able to express their believes and opinions but tolerate only a respectful exchange of ideas. Please treat other views charitably and avoid personal remarks or ad hominem-arguments.


Thank you for your interest!

See you there,